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BB Consign & Design

Consigning Boutique Fashion Clothing, Shoes, Handbags & Fashion Accessories

Misses & Women Clothing Consignment
Jewelry, Handbags, Shoes & Accessories

Clothing Consignment

BB Consign & Design is offering boutique fashion clothing, consigning shoes, handbags, fashion accessories, and fashion jewelry.

Consignment Guidelines:

Boutique and on trend clothing will be considered. Items to be new or like new. Items must be no more than 3 years of age. Shoes, clothing, scarves, handbags and accessories must be wrinkle free, clean, smoke free, free of stains, tears and pet hair.


Please call or email us with any questions regarding our fashion consignment.
Consignment will be accepted on all open days.

Phone: 317-286-3025

Contact us:

* An unlimited number of items may be consigned by the Consignor under this agreement. Consignor may not reclaim consigned items before the 9-week consignment period. The Consignor shall have 3 days to remove the Consignor’s consigned item(s) once expired. Consigned item(s) not collected will become store property.

* All items when sold will be subject to a sold item fee.
Fees will be as follows: Sold Item - Under $50 = $1.00      $51 - $200 = $2.00         $201 - $800 = $5.00

Consignor will receive 50% of the actual selling price (excluding sales tax) of the Consignor’s consigned item(s) for the duration of consignment period less per sold item fee.

* “Intake” date will be recorded on the date the consigned item(s) received at the store, however the 9-week consignment period will start on the first day the consigned item(s) will be placed on the store floor for sale.


* Week 1-3:      original resale price

* Week 3-6:      original resale price marked down by 25%

* Week 6-9:      original resale price marked down by 50%

 Consignors will manage their inventory at