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Furniture, Home Décor, Designer Clothing & Accessories:


BB Consign & Design requests all all furniture, accessories and home goods being consigned must be in new or like-new condition and ready for resale.  BB Consign & Design reserves the right to set prices, sell merchandise at the best price-point, select store display location and reject any furniture, home decor or accessories for any reason at any time. For Designer clothing & accessories, please see Clothing Consignment.

Furniture & Home Decor Consigning:

An unlimited number of items can be consigned by the Consignor. Consignor will receive 50% of the actual selling price (excluding sales tax) of the Consignor's consigned items for the first 60 days of a 90 day consignment period. For the last 30 days of the 90-day consignment period, the Consignor will receive 40% of the actual selling price. The 90-day consignment period will start on the first day the consigned item is placed on the floor for sale. Consignor will manage their inventory at

All items when sold will be subject to a sold item fee. Fees will be as follows: Under $50 = $1.00  $50 - $200 = $2.00 and $200 - $800 = $5.00. Sold item fee for items over $800 will be calculated at the time of consignment.

Resale prices of the consigned items will be determined by BB Consign & Design.  All consigned items will be placed on the sale in the store as follows:
    * Days 1-30       Original Resale Price
    * Days 31-60     Original Resale Price Marked down by 20%
    * Days 61-90     Original Resale Price Marked down by 40%
After day 90, the unsold items must be removed by the Consignor within 10 days or the unsold items will become the property of BB Consign & Design and at their discretion may sell the item or donate the item to a charitable organization of their choice.
Consignors are to manage their inventory at All items for consignor will be updated to their resale page once a day, at the close of BB Consign & Design business day.


Pick Up & Delivery:


BB Consign & Design can provide pick up or delivery service for a charge for consigned item(s). Charge will be determined by distance and type of item(s) being picked up or delivered. Please contact us with any questions.

***Pictures are examples of consigned items and may or may not be currently for sale. Items sell quickly, please call us at 317-286-3025 or email to ensure we still have it in our inventory. Thank you.***